Emily Carr and her Sky

Until I spent time in around Victoria, as an adult, there was something I loved about the great arc of Emily Carr’s skies in her paintings.  It was only as an adult that I realized she was painting what she saw in the sky. I had known  that sky as a child.

Had to make a pilgrimage to Emily’s grave on a recent trip to Victoria.  And snap a photo of her statue, monkey on her shoulder and dog conversing with the monkey.  Exercising the iPhone and Camera+.

Emily Carr statue with monkey on her shoulder and dog by her side

Emily and two of her housemates

Sun set over water of Haro Strait and Juan de Fuca Strait, ferry to Port Angeles

Sun Set over Salish Sea

White streaking clouds and blue sky over the ocean where a lone fisherman in small boat is fishing with Olympic Mountains in far distance

Emily’s Sky over Fisherman

Google “Emily Carr Sky” and you will see some of her skyscape paintings.  Oh, but Google may not know who she is if you’ve never looked her up before or don’t live in the neighbourhood but adding Victoria and BC should do the trick!